Autonomously Watches, Reads, Listens

Velocity Neural wraps its
arms around your
complex data problems

24 x 7 Monitoring Signal From Noise Future Forecasting


Signal from Noise

Velocity Neural is a deep autoregressive AI pipeline that quickly and accurately wraps its arms around complex tasks. Use cases include global supply chains, fraud and forensics, healthcare, insurance, illegal drug supply and movements, internal data to internet predicition and fusion. It is capable of reading, watching, and listening to data on hundreds of concurrent networks filtering signal from noise with incredible accuracy.

Using the same mechanism to filter signal from noise, Velocity Neural "hunts" data 24x7 reaching hard to find data networks, hidden patterns in radio frequency, ipv6 address communications patterns, darknets, and social networks/ forums with ease. It provides "alpha" by saving time and finding information that it believe you need to know about now.

Actionable Intelligence || Situational Awareness